Questions and Answers:

   What do we bring with us ?

  • Casual clothes, comfortable shoes, sun hats.
  • Bathing suits, pool flipflops, sunglasses and lots of sunscreen. 
  • Camera - with charger or batteries (batteries are universal and easily found in local shops), you will need a European charger, we have wall plug adaptors if your camera or razor are rechargeable. Each room has a hairdryer so no need to worry about bringing one.
  •  Money- ATM machines are located in most of the villages and shopping malls so you can get Euros through your US credit cards. Credit cards are usually accepted in stores, some do not take Amex cards. It's good to always have some cash ( in Euros) on hand for the outdoor markets and shops that do not accept credit cards.

    What are the temperatures like in summer ?

  • Summer days are usually hot ,dry and sunny 80s to 90s F (20s-30s C).
  • Nights are usually cool down into the 70s F (20s C) unless we have the occasional heatwave.
  •  There is little humidity in the summer and most rain comes in the form of very brief thunder storms that appear with a brisk wind in the late afternoon and disappear minutes after they arrive. Its rare to have a rainy day from mid June, until mid September.

    Are there interesting things to do near Cascina del Cuore ?

The choice of things to do in the region is almost endless. Depending on your interests in, history, food, wine, shopping, nature,walking, there are wonderful places to go and beautiful things to see. Each summer is full of local festivals and village fairs, each town specializing in something unique to it's history or agriculture. We have websites, pamphlets and brochures on a multitude of activities to help organize fun and interesting things to do. Some people just want to sit by the pool with a good book , a cool drink and look out over the rolling vineyard hills.

      What safety and security issues should we be aware of ?

The cascina has a security alarm system that is also connected to the local police. We are located in a very small, safe, village with trustworthy neighbors. You can walk comfortably in the evening with no concerns and in general, crime is not a problem in our vicinity. In the larger towns, as in all places, markets do occasionally have their pickpockets, but, we have never had a bad experience in our local village markets. As an additional security bonus, our next door neighbor happens to be the chief of police .


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