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Cascina del Cuore is located in north-western Italy, in the region called Piemonte, the foothills of the Alps.  Approximately midway within the triangle formed by the cities of Milano, Torino and Genoa lies the Province of Asti. It is an area rich in history, great food and fine wines.  .






Cascina Del Cuore

   Italian Vineyard Retreat  

Nearly everyone in the hills and valleys surrounding us makes their living off the land. Red wine, Barbera D'Asti, is the primary source of income for our village and the towns in this region. The grapes are grown, harvested and turned into wine through the work of families and the local cooperative. Those who do not grow grapes,make bottles, or labels, or corks, for the wine. In addition to Barbera grapes, the region is well know for  it's white Spumanti or sparkling wine. Many other grape varieties, both red and white, can also be found in this region.


The hilltop of San Zeno, where our Cascina is located , dates back to the 1500s and was once the site of a small monastery. The hamlet has a population of 15 during the summer months. During the cold grey winters almost all of us leave for winter quarters.



Piemonte is famous for it's regional cuisine. Local specialities like truffles and hazel nuts are found in every kitchen. Nutella originates from this region and was first made in a nearby valley. Each family has a vegetable garden and most fruits are also home grown. We have learned from the local traditions and make our own jams, tomato sauces and preserves. 

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