Cascina Del Cuore

   Italian Vineyard Retreat  


Welcome to Cascina Del Cuore 

 To all our friends and fellow Italophiles, welcome to Cascina Del Cuore. In 2001 we started renovations on this old cascina and vineyard in north-western Italy. Now, after more than 9 years of work, we are ready to introduce you to our labor of love, 'Cascina Del Cuore'. Cascina means 'old farm house' in the local Piemonte dialect and Cuore means heart in Italian.

We hope that you will enjoy the photos of our vineyard. We spend the warm half of the year in Piemonte and guests start to arrive when the pool opens in May. We close the house after ‘Vendemmia’, the wine harvest, in early October.

Harvest time, in late September, finds everyone in the fields picking grapes. It's all done by hand and gives everyone a great appetite by dinner time.


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